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About Us

In 1999, Mr. Sita Ram Yadav, Founder & Chairman of group embarked on his entrepreneurial journey after serving in the armed forces, establishing a steel hardware business. Over time, the business expanded, leading to the inception of Vinay Steel Traders, a steel trading firm. In 2006, Mr. Vijay Yadav, Managing Director joined the steel trading business, attracted by its promising prospects. Witnessing the remarkable response and recognizing the market’s potential, Mr. Vikas Yadav, Managing Director also became part of the steel trading enterprise in 2011. Throughout this period, the group had been esteemed customers of steel authorities, establishing a strong relationship. Seeking to add further value to their business and capitalizing on their market research, the group embarked on a new venture in 2019. They established VST Motor India Company under the brand name VST coreB trailers, dedicated to manufacturing commodity transport solutions.

Impressed by the exceptional performance and capabilities demonstrated by the group, the Hinduja Group, specifically Ashok Leyland, extended a dealership proposal to the group in December 2022. The dealership VST Auto India Pvt Ltd officially commenced on April 1st, 2023, and will serve as a key provider in the largest TIV (Total Industry Volume) region of India.

In July 2023, the group embarked on a new venture called VST cleanI, a company dedicated to manufacturing Industrial, Commercial, and Municipal Multi Cleaning Equipment as well as Special Purpose Vehicles. By establishing VST cleanI, the group aims to strengthen its commitment to the nation-building process, aligning with its vision, mission, and value proposition. The company is driven by a strong desire to contribute to the Swachh Bharat Mission, playing an active role in making India a cleaner and greener nation.

By offering a comprehensive range of products & services, group initiatives will enable to provide customers with a one-stop solution, significantly enhancing the vision of the VST United Group.


Our Ventures

VST coreB Trailers

VST coreB Trailers

VST coreB Trailers is India’s largest commodity transport solutions manufacturer. Being the top quality trailer manufacturing company in India having more than 800 trailers production capacity monthly. VST coreB trailer manufacturer in India and truck bodies manufacturing Trailers, Tip Trailers, Containers, Bulkers, Tankers etc.

Ashok Leyland - VST Auto India Pvt Ltd

VST Auto India Private Limited is an authorized dealership of Ashok Leyland for Medium and Heavy Commercial Vehicles'(M&HCV) Sales, Service and Spares for Central-East region of the Rajasthan, catering the largest TIV region in India.

VST Clean India Pvt. Ltd.

VST Clean India is Industrial, Commercial and Municipal Multi Cleaning Equipment’s Manufacturing and Special Purpose Vehicles Manufacturing Company


Velocity Fintrust Private Limited

We seek to forge alliances with leading banks and non-banking finance companies, offering a wide spectrum of financial services. Our focus is on delivering diverse loan products and comprehensive insurance solutions to meet the needs of our clients.

Mission: Our mission is to be the leading group in India, providing customers with exceptional end-to-end transportation solutions. We strive to transform the transportation industry through the relentless pursuit of technological advancements, innovative practices, and comprehensive solutions.

Vision: Our vision is to become India’s first choice group, known for our unrivaled commitment to delivering seamless end-to-end transportation solutions. Through our continuous focus on technology, innovation, and strategic problem-solving, we aim to revolutionize the way transportation is conducted, setting new standards of excellence in the industry.

Values: At the core of our operations are our deeply ingrained values, which guide every aspect of our business:

  • Customer-Centric Approach: We place our customers at the forefront of everything we do, ensuring their needs are met and surpassed through personalized, end-to-end transportation solutions.
  • Innovation and Technology: We embrace cutting-edge technologies and foster a culture of innovation to constantly improve our services, efficiency, and overall customer experience.
  • Integrity and Reliability: We uphold the highest standards of integrity and reliability, building trust with our customers, partners, and stakeholders by consistently delivering on our promises.
  • Collaboration and Partnerships: We value strong relationships and collaborative partnerships, working closely with our customers and industry stakeholders to co-create solutions that drive mutual success.
  • Sustainability: We are committed to sustainable practices, minimizing our environmental impact, and contributing to a greener and more sustainable future for generations to come.

“Through our mission, vision, and values, we are dedicated to revolutionizing transportation, setting new benchmarks in customer satisfaction, and establishing ourselves as the premier choice for comprehensive transportation solutions in India.”


  • We are ISO 9001:2015 certified company
  • Our designs are approved by international centre for automotive technology(iCAT) a govt. authority
  • Best known for quality and an eco friendly brand
  • UQSR certified by Universal Quality Standards Registrar & IAF
  • Homologation certified
  • CRTM – RTO Approved 
  • Best place to work by IWA


Founder-Chairman-vst united group

Mr. Sitaram Yadav

” Founder & Chairman, VST United Group “

Chairman's Message

As the Chairman of our esteemed organization, as we continue our journey towards a better world. Our commitment to sustainability and our unwavering dedication to the principles of the Make in India program have been the driving forces behind our success.

In this ever-changing global landscape, we recognize the pressing need to address the challenges of climate change and strive for a greener and more sustainable future. Our focus on reducing emissions and minimizing our carbon footprint remains at the forefront of our business strategy.

We firmly believe that it is our responsibility to contribute to the collective effort of creating a healthier planet. By implementing innovative technologies, adopting cleaner energy sources, and optimizing our operations, we aim to make a significant impact on reducing emissions and preserving our environment for future generations.

Inspired by the Make in India initiative, we remain committed to fostering economic growth, job creation, and innovation. Our manufacturing prowess, combined with our sustainable practices, positions us as a leader in driving positive change while contributing to the nation’s development.

As we move forward, let us remember that the journey towards a better world is not one that we undertake alone. It requires collective action, collaboration, and the involvement of every individual associated with our organization. Together, we can build a brighter and greener future, where progress and sustainability go hand in hand.

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts”- W. Churchill



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